Monday, October 17, 2011

The big crack

I have this rub on all my cranks, but the alloy ones withstand it - although they usually lose the anodizing color.  Here, the carbon crank wore down and it weakened the crankarm enough that a crack formed.  Amazing how the plastic scuff guard on the Sidi shoe did not wear down first - it looks worn, but not as bad as the crank.  I may just stop using carbon cranks because I'm not looking to change pedals right now.  Too much float in the CB Pedals are a good thing, but this is a downside.

This tune just seems so right.


calZ said...

WOW! Instead of ditching carbon maybe you should switch shoes; like to Specialized.

Matt said...

I wore through the Spez shoes I had prior to switching to Sidis. Alloy works and is much cheaper anyway.

Desert Dirt said...

Holy balls man. Your shoes do that? That's one helluva crazy engineering flaw. That's almost like some kind of characteristic of ninjas or something.

Matt said...

Carbon apparently is not that resistant to abrasion while the plastic scuff guard on my Sidi must have stronger wear resistance. Sort of like the sharpening stone against the steel knife blade....the stronger one wears down the weaker one.

BTW - I have rotated the CB cleat in an effort to move the float more outboard, than inboard. Seems to work thus far - as I bought a new Stylo crank arm and so far no wearing down of the anodizing.