Tuesday, October 04, 2011

CB Classic 2011

Wow, what an AWESOME day on the bike for the 8th Annual Crested Butte Classic!  Three loops from town as usual, but this year the Dyke Loop first and the Deer last, which in my opinion made it much harder.  The totals came to 96.23-miles and 12,033-ft of climbing.  However that did include some extra miles as I accidentally climbed Canal and Strand Bonus in lieu of just climbing Strand - should have paid better attention to the directions!  Finished at 10:09, 4.5-minutes slower than last year, which considering the wrong turn and some map reading time, I'd say the sub 10 day was in the cards if my head had been screwed on better.  I ran the Divinity Gearing, but would recommend Divinity + 1 for next year as my buddy Danny Powers ran and ended up first singlespeeder after he dropped me on the steep last Deer Creek loop.  I ended up 16th overall, and 2nd SSer, so I'm happy - but will try again next year for that sub 10-hour time for sure.

Thanks to Dave Ochs, Dan Loftus and the Brick Oven, Jason Stubbe and his awesome support and a whole slew of others out there making the CB Classic the best 100-miler out there right next to my DDC.  ;-)  And neither cost a nickel!

Check out the awesome video and story by Chris Miller at Mountain Flyer:  (Thanks to Chris for the photo above as well - that is me in our European Team kit and USA Team vest.)

This is the absolute best of Grass Roots's only growing and the freebies guarantee the best return on investment.

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stagewest said...

Nice riding there Matt! Vid and story by CM are excellent as well. I really need to make it a priority to get up to CB to ride and explore.