Sunday, October 23, 2011

The end of the creak

You can tell it is the end of the season when the bike noises start to come.  At the begging of the week it was a irksome noise from the front of the bike, and the culprit was two little bolts on the stem that were rubbing on the white power coat.

By midweek, it was from the bottom bracket, and it was indeed a loose bottom bracket.  Something about this particular Moots frame allows the bottom brackets to work loose.  I've changed the BB 3 times and they still work loose.  Since it is a titanium frame, I'm afraid to use anything besides ti-prep, so i will just have to live with this.  But, it was annoying to have it come loose during both the Baily 100 and the High Cascades 100 this year.

And by the end of the week, on my big Saturday ride the YBB let me know if was dry and it gave a little rub noise every time it would bob.  The cool thing was though I had some excess grease around the Paragon sliders and I used a piece of grass to pull it out and smear what little bit I had on the Ybb.  Quieted that thing until the end of the ride.

Durango has been in this perfect weather pattern right now and since it is late October, it means ride every minute you have.  Shirt sleeves, no jackets and sunny skies.  I got in a nice 52-mile, 7500-ft of climbing mini epic yesterday and in a few, I'll add more to that tally for the weekend.  I've got to start running again, but shoot the motivation is hard knowing that with a small change in weather the warm riding season will soon be over.

In other words, ride and ignore the creaks.  You can fix them when it's cold.

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stagewest said...

funny, the BB on my Dean does the same thing. Not sure why, but when I pressed the new higher end bearings into the cups, it's virtually fixed the problem. Yep, ride while you can as there's plenty of time for those other things!