Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Returns

After "weathering" a bit of heavy rain fall and snow in town, it is back to blue skies and great temps in and around town.  Monday afternoon, I climbed up Animas Peak and then rode through Sailing Hawks and onver the Gudy's/CT. 
I always like this view of both Falls Creek and the Hermosa Valley.  Hermosa Trail itself looks good to go, so perhaps a trip there next weekend is in store.
 Off the beaten path and if you know where this is, then you know your trails in Durango well. 
 I took an alternative route back through Twin Buttes and found this old mining structure.  Looks like a head house, as there were two big "buckets" - one on either side of a pulley system.  Did it work as simple as loading up one bucket to bring up the other?  I can't see that, because that a lot of extra work.  Maybe one for ore, the other for people?  Dunno.
Responsibilities are piling up because the itch to get outside is tremendous.  In fact it's getting close to todays run time!


DMC said...

How is jeni doing? hope things are well,,,,enjoy the good weather..

ojulius said...

You always find all the cool stuff on the trails. :) Can't wait to check out Twin Buttes.