Sunday, October 09, 2011

New Stuff

With a long week full of moisture, I was a bit surprised at the dirt riding available for the weekend.  11 hours of dirt time in the 2 days was quite a gift, as I had visions of road biking and making a trip to Moab.  The trails sucked up the rain and snow and packed down really nice, so it was on the mountain bike I rode.

I checked out our newest network of trails - Twin Buttes, which will be in the routine as it is on my way from town over to Lightner Creek.  Danny had ridden here before so he was my guide on Saturday.  
 They connect some old roads with loads of new cut trails.  The new cut trails were made with a bobcat so it will take some time for true single track to set in, but its a start and amazing how they cut a NETWORK, not just a trail so fast.  On it's own, Twin Buttes offers up a good 90 minutes of riding, and that is something we just got added to our inventory.
 They put in some cool bridges too.
 Then it was onto a new-to-us route we have been inspecting to the Texas Mine.  Loads of old homesteads out here.
 That peak holds the mine, but I do not think we can make it this year - perhaps next.
 Cows and ranchers cut the lower part, but most of the upper is primitive single track and it rides very well, and in fact parallels the CT mostly up to High Point.
 Then we ran into the REAL LIZARD HEAD. 
 Cool cow pastures and hunting camps along the way.
And then we descended due to time and hooked up on the upper section of Dry Fork and orad the CT back into town.  I did a solo route somewhat similar on Sunday, but was able to hook up the college network, test tracks, twin buttes, dry fork-CT, Sailing Hawks, and back to test tracks at Hidden Valley and back up the mesa.  October, like June is the month to ride local.  This town rocks!

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