Friday, November 08, 2013

The Other Side of Town

I extended my regular ridge run over to Smelter Mountain.  There is a trail there that gains ~1200-ft in a mile and it is horribly neglected.  With our trail organization Trails 2000 in town, I am surprised we have not taken care if it.  But I ran out toward the lake and came up the backside so I could run the full ridge of Smelter and then descend this mess.  The view up there are awesome - below that is Perins Peak and Twin Buttes just below and to the left.
 Here we have Perins, the Hogsback, and Animas Mountain on the right.
 The view of town with Missionary Ridge to the left, and my regular run Raiders Ridge in the center. 
 I hit the peak a few minutes too late so much of town was past it's sunset.
I'm contemplating hooking up all the peak around town for a big all day adventure.  Missionary, Animas, Perins, Twin Buttes, Smelter, and Raiders.  Call it the Ridges Run.  

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Michael Heitman said...

Jeebus- ridges run looks near impossible on a bike, let alone on barking dogs. Luved the vicarious views.~ m