Monday, June 02, 2014


My summer "go to" trail is open at the bottom and melting fast up at the top.  This is my portal to the high country, and while people shuttle it for the downhill, I like to climb it.  In a few weeks I will be able to run up and over to Engine Creek for my favorite running loop.  
 Not many people are on the trail right now.  I ran into this couple who hike it every week and got some beta before heading up to the snow.  
 Bluebird Colorado Skies!
 I got home and mowed part of the lawn - with the manual push mower.  I'm am close to finally buying a motored unit - the grass needs to be cut two times a week with the manual mower or else I end up cutting it with the weed whacker.  Whew that is a tough chore!  From there we went out to Steamworks and the little one got to play with her buddy Puck.  
First time on his shoulders!


Brianofthemarsh said...

Manual mowers sure beat a gym membership.

ojulius said...

Cute photo of JL. :) Great photos of the run. Looks like it will be high country hiking soon.