Sunday, June 08, 2014

Iron Horse Run

I ran from my house in Durango all the way over to Silverton and finished at Avlanch Brewing Company following the Iron Horse Bicycle Race route.  Big thanks to my wife, Jeni for running a SAG WAGON while she and my daughter did some hiking at Engineer and later Molas Lake.  50+ miles and I climbed 2 mountain passes - Coal Bank and Molas.  Great day for a run!


stagewest said...

Man, I would need a knee and hip replacement if I ran like that!

You going to have your wrist fixed for mountain biking this year?

Matt said...

Big fat shoes help!

Not really keen on wrist surgery so I'll continue to hold off. It gets little trauma now without the biking, but there is still a noticeable bump and occasional pain. Can't swing a hammer, things like that. Running fills the void right now.

Desert Dirt said...

Holy balls, that's a helluva day's run. How much of that ran out on trail? Did you have to share that tight descent into Silverton with traffic? How many beers at Avalanche to set you right again?

Matt said...

No trail, but I ran in the dirt along the road where and when I could find it. The last photo is 1 switchback away from Silverton ...past Purgatory there really wasn't much traffic all day. 2 beers and a Growler for the return. Glad I wasn't driving. :-)
I'll let you know if and when I make it down to SF...Apache Canyon has been calling me for about 7 years now.