Sunday, June 15, 2014

Indian Peaks Ridge Run

Saturday, I drove the Element up to Kennebec Pass and ran the Colorado Trail through Indian Ridge over to Grindstone.
 This is the prettiest part of the Colorado Trail in our area.
 Some of the trail is nearly all rock.
 That is the Bear Creek Drainage down there with some great trails.
 The steep switchbacks were not all that bad on foot.  They sure do suck the life out of when on a bike.
 The winds were pretty high, so I was happy to be back down by Taylor Lake.  I'll have to run the full 17 mile loop someday.
 I then went looking for Manny the Marmot but he was not at his home.  He must be on vacation.

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Michael Heitman said...

Wow- so many of your weekend runs are now on my bucket list I've lost track of them all. You have a good life up there amigo. M